Saturday’s Fun Fair was a great celebration of the IEPS community and was enjoyed by everyone who came on the day. It was such a joy to see the community come together and everything that was on offer. Funds raised from previous

fairs contributed to the new oval development and we were so lucky to be able to showcase and enjoy this amazing space on the day.

An event of this magnitude requires significant vision, planning, organisation and implementation and I

would like to thank the Fair Committee for ensuring the success of this year’s Fun Fair. Thank you to Amanda, Bec, Brad, Craig, Erin, Frank, Honor, Helen, Jo, Kate, Kevin, Kerry, Maggie and Stan for their commitment to the Committee.

Thanks also to the Class Reps, stallholders, volunteers, sponsors, teachers and students who gave so much to ensure the success of the day. It really was a tremendous showcase of the IEPS community spirit.

We are finalising the total funds raised and will share this amount with you all at our assembly on Monday the 13th November. We will also use this as an opportunity for the school community to thank our sponsors for donating cash,

products and services to this year’s Fun Fair.

We have some amazing photos of the day which will be shared with you so please keep a look out for them.