The Canteen Committee has been working towards improving the efficiency of the canteen ordering process so from the first day of Term 4 (Monday, 9 October), IEPS will be moving to online ordering for all lunch orders. The new system

will be run by My School Connect and will be very easy for parents and carers to use.  All you have to do is download the My School Connect app, consider how you’d like to set up your payments and you’ll be off and running. Details on

how to register will be sent out on Compass tomorrow.

The benefits include: orders can be placed several days in advance or up to 9.30am on the day lunch is required; My School Connect is safe, secure and free to sign up; and no more rummaging for coins in the bottom of your bag or in the

car to pay for your child’s lunch!

So get ready for this change now - download the app before Monday, 18 September, register your account and go in the running for two Gold Class Movie Tickets.  The winner will be announced in the Bulletin on 20 September.