Thank you to the Fair Committee who have been working together to plan the IEPS Fun Fair on October 21. The focus of this year’s Fair is to celebrate our community and we are looking forward to being able to come together to enjoy the

activities on the day. While the Committee has taken steps to reduce the number of contributions and donations required by families, there is an expectation that all families make themselves available for at least one hour. This might be on

the day before the Fair, during the Fair or on the Sunday pack up. Our Class Reps will be sending rosters out and we would be very grateful if you could please support the event by making yourself available depending on the role allocated

to your class. You might be helping run a stall, supporting your class with Sideshow Alley, running the BBQ or helping with the set-up or pack up. We know that if we share the load then everyone will be able to enjoy the Fair and celebrate

our community.