The Ivanhoe East Primary School Strategic Plan 2016-2019 includes the following Purpose and Vision statements:


IEPS provides a safe, inspirational and challenging educational environment that encourages each student to strive to achieve their potential and look confidently to the future as articulate, curious and responsible, lifelong learners.


IEPS is, and will continue to be an exemplar of public education supported by an informed, connected and positive community.  It will continue to be a vibrant learning environment that nurtures partnerships and diversity, originality,

reinforces shared community values and strives for excellence in all endeavours.

While these statements capture the essence of our school; we require some clear statements that are shared and understood by students, teachers, parents and the broader community.

Our intention is to gather input from all members of our community about our purpose and how we work together so that we can develop three or four key statements that will define who we are as a school.

The Principal Advisory Group is capturing our students’ responses to the following questions:

Why do we come to school?

How do we work together?

Our staff have been exploring these questions throughout the year:

What is our purpose?

How do we work together?

And now we invite you to provide your input to the same questions via this link

We will then collate all of our responses to help create clear and concise statements that capture who we are as a school community.

IEPS Values

The Strategic Plan also includes the agreed key values which underpin the relationships and interactions within this community:

Learning – developing and seeking knowledge, skills, resilience, understandings and values with effort and persistence

Caring – looking after self, others and the environment with kindness and compassion, leaving a legacy and building a sense of belonging

Co-operation – working together with a positive and enthusiastic approach

Respect – valuing everyone’s contribution, differences and diversity of backgrounds, abilities and beliefs and is inclusive

Integrity – being honest, just, friendly, responsible and loyal according to our school values

Fun – gaining enjoyment and pleasure from learning and play

The School Captains will be leading a ‘Value the Values’ program in the school with input from PAG and we look forward to sharing this with the school community.