Thank you to our students, teachers and parents for a hugely successful Semester 1. Our teachers are looking forward to sharing your child’s progress at the parent teacher meetings and student led conferences being held tomorrow. Here

are some of the highlights from this semester:

  • Teaching teams working together to plan purposeful and collaborative learning programs such as the community pride projects, investigations, incursions and excursions
  • Our successful Professional Learning Teams (PLTs) who are leading key improvement initiatives in Literacy, Numeracy, STEM and Wellbeing
  • The successful introduction of Writer’s Notebook and the high level of engagement from both teachers and students
  • The introduction of STEM into the learning program
  • The establishment of the Principal Advisory Group who have led valuable conversations about what is working well in the school and how we can improve, and
  • The long-awaited commencement of the oval redevelopment.