We are very excited to advise that we will be signing the contract for the oval redevelopment this Friday. The area will be fenced over the weekend, which will mean that the school cannot be accessed from the oval. We anticipate that the

oval will be completed by August 31 and expect that students will be able to use it after a couple of weeks from the time of completion. A Compass update will be provided on Friday with further details including the timeline and changes

to the use of the playground during the redevelopment stage. A special thank you to the Facilities Committee for their tireless efforts in planning the oval redevelopment and the whole school community for their fundraising efforts and

contributions. Special thanks to our respective former and current School Council Presidents Brad Richards and Catherine Ahlberg for their ongoing commitment, vision and leadership. A huge acknowledgement to Tim Redin whose time,

knowledge and expertise is greatly appreciated throughout the redevelopment project.