Congratulations to the following students who have been elected as members of the Principal Advisory Group (PAG) for 2017:

Billy S 4E, Ciccio B 4H, Lucas B 4S, Helena R 4P, Chris D 5C, Flynn D5H, Alexander G 5J, Ginny H 6S, Darcy O 6B and Charlotte M 6T.  As members of PAG, these students will join the School Captains and be actively involved in

meaningful decision making in the school through:

  • representing their classmates and their own views
  • giving feedback about their experiences at school and sharing their ideas for improvement including what and how they learn and their social and emotional wellbeing
  • open discussions focused on the continued success of IEPS.

The first meeting will be held next week and the students will be presented to Jenny Macklin MP at our first assembly for Term 2 on Monday the 1st May.