The IEPS Wellbeing Team is committed to implementing the KidsMatter mental health and wellbeing framework in order to bring students, teachers, families and other community members together to promote the wellbeing of our students. The KidsMatter framework is divided into four components that will be explored and implemented over the next two to three years and will be continually reviewed and built upon beyond the implementation phase. The first component is ‘Positive School Community’ and we will be exploring what is already working well and where we can focus our attention as we move forward.

KidsMatter information sheets will be in the Bulletin and we encourage you to read these. The first of these sheets is in today’s Bulletin and it outlines the framework and identifies what families can do to help.

All families are invited to complete a parent survey to help guide our planning. This survey will ask you for your perspectives on our school and what you think is important for us to consider to better support children’s mental health and wellbeing. The survey responses are anonymous and are stored securely by the school and KidsMatter. Only summarised results that align to the four components are used for the purpose of informing school planning.

The survey can be accessed here and we would appreciate it if you could take the time to complete it:

You will need to select our school so please click in the box that says ‘Please Select’ and start typing ‘Ivanhoe East’ and it will appear shortly afterwards.

Our students will also complete a short survey that will give us insight into their experiences at school and will help guide our future planning. Again, these surveys are anonymous and all results are compiled to give us an overall picture throughout the school.