Our year 3 and 4 students are working on their Passion Projects where they are working and creating together in one of the following groups:

  • Drop Dat Beat (music)
  • Puppet Power (puppet show)
  • Lights Camera Action (short movies)
  • A League of their Own (games)

I asked some of the students to give us some insight into their projects:

  • “I like working together as a team” (Lucas 4S)
  • “I learnt that when you make music the beat needs to be in the right spot in the song” (Yianna 3L)
  • “I like working together and learning about things like monkey jam (to create stop motion animation)” (Ryan 4S)
  • “In stop motion you have to do it in precise moves and take a picture. We’re making videos and they’re going to be short and about anything we want. It’s going to take a lot of hard work.” (Sophie 3L)

We are looking forward to hearing more from our Year 3s and 4s as they share their learning with us throughout the term.