Next Tuesday the 13th December is ‘Step Up’ Day. On this day students in Years Prep to 5 ‘step up’ to their new 2017 level and meet their new class and teacher. This day is very important as it allows students to begin getting to know their classmates, although the older the students the more likely it is that they will know most of their peers anyway. Students can also meet their teacher and talk about what it will be like to be in the next year level.

They will do fun activities, learn about where to line up and practise this at the end of recess and lunch. What will happen at the start of the year is also discussed so that any minor worries are alleviated. Any questions students have can be answered on the day. The teachers are also excited to be meeting their new class and begin getting to know their students. Importantly they will reassure students that they are well prepared for the challenges of the next year level.

Parents you can support your child’s transition by talking positively about new school experiences at home over the summer break. Most importantly, allow your child to tell you who their new teacher is at the end of Step Up Day. Do not spoil the ‘surprise’ news they will have by hanging around and following them to their new rooms in the morning as a few parents have done in the past. Waiting around and following them to their new room also sends a message to your child that you are anxious about where they are going and that will increase any small worry they may have.