Even though it was very difficult to say farewell to all the wonderful people who make up IEPS, collectively you made it a very memorable and wonderful celebration for me. The cards, hugs, good wishes, flowers, gifts and praise for my work was generous and thoughtful. All these were indicative of the exceptional learning community I was privileged and proud to be part of. I really was overwhelmed in my last full week by the JSC students who presented me with a special assembly where I was seated on a pink chair, almost feeling like royalty, students not only gave some of the best speeches I have ever heard but I also had musical accompaniment with their thoughts about my principalship and their good wishes. The staff morning tea on Wednesday with past staff members also present was also an occasion never to forget. Staff know how highly I regard each one of them and I was touched by what they expressed and the important life milestones we shared. Things only ramped up as the week went on and then there was the adults only cocktail party on Friday evening.

OMG (oh my goodness!) - So many parents from so many generations of students were there. We also had my family, staff, members of our community, work colleagues and also long standing friends were there. Could not believe that there would be so many interested people that they would fill the Performing Arts Centre. I humbly and sincerely thank them for acknowledging that my work was valued. In turn I thank them for their efforts in enhancing the educational opportunities of others and never settling for less than best especially where the lives of children are involved. 

The role of principal is a complex and demanding one. It has been a challenge at times and too often the work days went well into the night. However it was more than satisfying, it was uplifting to see the results in our graduates and also those who come back to see us as young adults. Invariably they are happy, optimistic, positive, confident, highly educated and articulate people who will make a better future. It has been 15 1/2 exceptional years working, laughing, caring and celebrating the successes of our students and helping them live our values. We have shared sad and emotional times as well. Thank you for all of this. It’s been a pleasure and a privilege. The school is incredibly well positioned for the future. An exemplar of public education as we strive for it to be. No doubt it will continue to evolve and I wish the lovely and talented incoming principal much joy and satisfaction in her role. My very best wishes to you all and I do look forward to reconnecting sometime in the future.  

Milena Maranville