In the media you may have read or heard of a serious incident that was alleged to have happened at a primary school in Blackburn on Monday. No doubt the school community there is doing all they can to ensure that measures are in place to increase security and counselling is provided.

If you are new to IEPS no doubt you may be wondering about what measures we have in place to ensure we provide a safe and caring environment.

What are these measures?

We have built up a school culture of caring and vigilant staff and parents who follow up concerns immediately.

We regularly remind and inform parents via the school Bulletin about their responsibilities in ensuring that they do not leave children unattended in the school grounds before and after school. 

Provision of Yard Supervision and Teachers on Duty: 

  • Three teachers and another 4 to 5 integration aides are on duty every recess and lunch time supervising children.
  • Four of these staff members have specific areas they are responsible for and the others rove, thus ensuring wide supervision of the site. 
  • All staff on yard duty, including our integration aides wearing highly visible fluoro vests. 
  • Before and after school there are staff members on duty supervising the front of the school and Robin Hood Rd section. 
  • Students are only permitted to leave their classroom to go to the toilet in groups of three. 
  • The students are regularly reminded to tell a teacher if they see an adult onsite who they do not know, and is not wearing a visitor’s badge.

Curriculum and Building Student Skills

  • Personal Safety and Protective Behaviours training is included in the curriculum especially evident in the Early Years and then reinforced periodically by class teachers in the senior classes.
  • Teachers regularly speak with their students to remind them that if they are concerned by an adult’s behaviour either in the school grounds, or elsewhere, their first step is to alert the closest adult, and if the worry/concern continues, they must also let their parents know. 

Visitors to the School

  • All parents and visitors are expected to report to the office and sign in when entering the school, even if ‘just dropping something off’. 
  • All approved visitors to the school are easily identified wearing the school’s Visitors badge. 

Electronic Security

  • The installed security cameras have been extremely invaluable in deterring unwanted behaviours. This is very evident in the negligible graffiti and vandalism the school experiences after hours. Over the past two years we have increased the number of cameras to eliminate any possible ‘blind’ spots even though students are not permitted to enter those areas.
  • As an additional feature we have made the CCTV signage even more prominent than previously. 

Grounds and Fencing

  • The asphalt drive which gives access to the oval now has lockable gates.
  • All suitable gates have been spring loaded and close upon entry or exit.
  • Fences are in good repair.

A fact - 94% of the 212 parents who responded to our August 2015 school devised Parent Opinion Survey were happy with the safety of our school.

We remind parents and children that if they have any concerns to report them immediately. If unwanted behaviours are evident out of school hours, notify the police straight away.

As part of our continuous improvement practices, our school through the Leadership Team meetings, OH&S Committee, School Council and Facilities Committee regularly revisit security and safety measures and increase or improve these where deemed necessary.

To ensure that our community remains a safe and secure environment we ask all parents to play their part in working with the school staff to support the above measures and deal with concerns in a responsible and timely way by contacting the school. We are proactive in our approach to safety at this school and find this mentally healthier than living in fear.

If you have any further concerns do contact the school and either speak with the principal, Milena Maranville or send a letter to School Council.