How do all the children at IEPS live their school values of "Caring, Co-operation, Learning, Integrity, Respect and Fun" all on the one day? By holding a Mini Fair on the last day of Term 1.

Area Executive Director, North Eastern Metropolitan Region, Mr Chris Thompson came along to see our wonderful school in action on a ‘normal’ school day. He was very impressed on the last day of last term to see the school grounds transformed by many creative and industrious groups of students. The students, who have been working for weeks, ensured that their stall was a great hit. By providing food, fun, entertainment or selling gifts made by the children and some parents (thank you parents) there was much to do and enjoyment for everyone. Of course there can't be a real Fair without a Sponge Throw and who better to volunteer than many of our senior students who take on the value of FUN very seriously.

It is admirable to see that every year the students set their goals higher than in previous efforts and achieve such outstanding results by working co-operatively, showing considerbale creativity and also honing their entrepreneurial skills. By harnessing their time, treasures and talent the students were able to raise over $4,200. This money will be shared between various worthy causes such as sponsoring a child through World Vision, the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal and the Make-a-Wish Foundation. All focus on making the lives of sick or children in need so much better. 

The attitudes and skills our students learn now will hold them in good stead to be the responsible, successful and outstanding citizens in a global community we all work towards them becoming. Chris was so readily able to appreciate many important aspects of our learning community at IEPS and as a person who values education he made sure that he also took home some books for his toddler.