There will be 23 classes next year to cater for the approximately 550 students we expect to be enrolled in our school. Even though we have contracted our catchment area there are still many families coming into East Ivanhoe or who live in homes where we are their closest government school. We are planning staffing, timetables and programs for the following structure:

4 x Prep classes, 3 x Year 1, 3 x Year 2, 4 x Year 3, 3 x Year 4, 3 x Year 5 and 3 x Year 6. 

The average class size at IEPS in 2016 will be 24 students per class, with the junior classes closer to 22 students per class. The class sizes at Years 4 and 5 will be slightly larger as this is where the enrolment ‘bulge’ is located. To reduce class size there could have been two composite classes however we are very mindful and respect the fact that the majority of parents have informed us in the past that they emphatically prefer straight grades for their child’s education.

Specialist Classes

It is planned that we will be offering weekly specialist classes at all grade levels in Music, Art, Physical Education and LOTE - Mandarin Chinese. Library is provided for Years Foundation to Year 2 and Information and Computer Technology for Years 3 to 6.

Support Teachers

We will once again provide support teachers to cater for students that may need extra assistance with their learning such as Gifted and Talented, Reading Recovery and Literacy Support. 

Special Needs

Aides are also employed by the school to support the educational program of students with special needs. This funding is provided by the Department of Education and Training according to a child’s medically diagnosed condition.