We have a newly renovated art room providing excellent facilities where all students have a 50 minute session each week with a specialist art teacher. They use their imagination and observation to plan, create and make a variety of art works. Students explore, with guidance, a wide range of media, materials and equipment.  At all year levels drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, modelling, construction and textiles activities are undertaken. Within these areas an emerging knowledge of skills, techniques and processes are formed and students develop an understanding of art and artists in the wider world. Students come to art sessions with a wide range of abilities and knowledge and these are catered for in a caring, stimulating and creative environment.

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Students with a particular interest in the arts are able to attend our regular art club on Mondays during lunchtime. They are able to make, construct, sew and draw in a free, creative and unstructured session. The students are supervised but the program is student directed. Early in the year Prep students need to be accompanied and assisted by their buddy or an older sibling.

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Throughout the year and IEPS Music focuses on students developing music skills and understandings through listening, singing, moving, preforming, discussing and creating as well as improvisation.

Foundation Level (Preps)

The Foundation Music Program is designed to introduce students to the creative world of performing arts in a fun and energetic way through activities that promote enjoyment, engagement, skill development, understanding and a sense of musicianship.  Students explore music through their own voices, percussion and pitched instruments, rhyming and rhythmic games, improvised movement and structured dance.

Level One

Students create music works focused on expressive ways of communicating their broadening knowledge of their world. They perform, improvise and compose using their emerging knowledge of the elements of music to create and explore vocal and/or instrumental soundscapes. They experiment with ideas drawn from their experiences, understandings and imagination. They explore sound patterns and create their own rhythm and melodic patterns in response to stimuli such as songs, movement, poems and artworks. Students learn the musical scale on the marimbas, metalaphones and glockenspiel.

Level Two

Students experiment with, select, arrange and use skills, techniques and processes. For example, students sing aurally and, as appropriate, use some graphic or conventional notation cues, and recall and expressively perform a variety of songs such as echo games and rounds using their natural voice. They develop techniques to compose and perform on a variety of instruments .They dance, clap, stamp and slap with body percussion and found sounds. They perform, improvise and compose as a cooperative group member and individually. They interpret conventional notation using simple melodic and rhythmic patterns and graphic scores with several overlaying parts.

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Level Three

Students create and present works in a range of arts forms that communicate experiences, ideas, concepts, observations and feelings. They select and combine a range of arts elements, principles and/or conventions, and use a range of skills, techniques and processes, media, materials, equipment and technologies. They show evidence of arts knowledge when planning arts works for different purposes and audiences and identify techniques and features of other people’s works that inform their own arts making.

Level Three students begin learning the recorder and use iPads to compose their own music using Garageband.

Level Four

As students work towards the achievement of Level 4 standards in the Arts, they apply and develop their arts knowledge by exploring arts processes and ways to communicate concepts arising from their personal experiences and from the world around them. Level Four students continue using the Garageband application on the iPads further developing composition and ICT skills.

Level Five

Students independently and collaboratively experiment with and apply a range of skills, techniques and processes using a range of media, materials, equipment and technologies.

They develop and express an understanding of the purpose of musical works and their role as performers, improvisers and composers of a wide-ranging repertoire of unison and part songs, and instrumental pieces including multi-instrumental arrangements. They work independently and collaboratively in experimenting with and applying instrumental and vocal performance skills, specific techniques to perform repertoire from different times, places and cultures composing/improvising/arranging processes.

Level Five students begin learning the recorder and use iPads to compose their own music loops and comositions using MadPad. Level Five students begin to learn the ukulele, linking with their music curriculum.

IEPS 101

Level Six

As students work towards the achievement of Level 6 standards in Music, they investigate a range of traditional and contemporary arts forms, styles, media, materials, equipment and technologies. They learn about ways to design, improvise, represent, interpret, make and present arts works that communicate feelings and their interests and understanding of themselves, their relationships and other people. Level Six students continue to learn the ukulele following on from Level Five.

Highlights of our Music program at Ivanhoe East Primary School include a full school musical, dance or concert every year in term three. Every child will have the opportunity to perform on stage.

Extra Curriculum Music activities available include:

String Program – IEPS has a very strong strings program. Students from Level One and up are able to learn the violin, viola or cello. Lessons take place in our new music studios.

Junior Choir – For students in Levels One to Three that would like to be part of a fun singing group. Rehearsal is Tuesdays for the first half of lunch in the Music Room

Percussion Pioneers  - For students in Level One and up that would like to play various percussion instruments with students across different grade levels. Rehearsal is the first half of lunch on Wednesday in the Music Room

Concert Band – For students in Level Four to Six that are able to sight read music and play music of various styles. Rehearsals are Tuesday morning before school at 8am in the Music Room.

Senior Choir - For students in Level Four to Six that enjoy singing with other senior students. Rehearsals are Friday morning before school at 8am in the Music Room

Instrumental Lessons – IEPS have several private instrumental teachers that teach in and out of school hours. This includes piano and guitar. Please contact our school office if you are considering private instrumental lessons.

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