Ivanhoe East Primary School provides a technology rich learning environment. Our classrooms engage in meaningful and purposeful 21st Century learning to:

  • Learn and prepare for the future
  • Develop information and communication skills
  • Foster teamwork and collaboration
  • Create multi-cultural understanding and appreciation
  • Connect learning and teaching with the rapidly changing world

IEPS 175

A diverse range of learning technologies are being used in innovative ways to extend learning opportunities, enrich student experiences, and improve learning outcomes. The use of technologies, such as laptops, interactive smart TV’s and whiteboards, iPads, tablets and digital cameras are being used to support learners to communicate, collaborate, create, solve problems, access new knowledge, form learning communities, and link to knowledge experts.

Students are exposed to these technologies through the classroom as well as a specialised ICT program for Levels 3 - 6.  The ICT specialist program uses a wide variety of technologies to develop students’ skills in specific programs to support classroom learning and how to use these technologies safely.  Please refer to our e-Smart section to find out more information about cyber safety.