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Each year IEPS chidlren are encouraged to join the Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge in order to celebrate their wonderful effort and dedication to the disciple. At present, the school has 114 students registered for the Premiers’ Reading Challenge and many of our staff, led by our Library Team, are also taking on the Challenge!

Students are still able to join the Challenge at this late stage. Consent forms are located at the Office and in the Library, or feel free to visit Judy Garner for one. 

A reminder about the Challenge Rules for Students:

If you are in...

You must read...

Books from the Challenge Booklist.


30 books 20 or more

Year 1

30 books

20 or more

Year 2

30 books 20 or more

Year 3

15 books

10 or more

Year 4

15 books
page3image2646410 or more

Year 5

15 books

10 or more

Year 6

15 books 10 or more

NB: If students read their 20 or 15 books respectively from the Challenge Booklist, their remaining 10 or 5 books can be free choice.

Students in Foundation/Prep, Year 1 or Year 2 can read books by themselves or with someone else eg parent, carer, teacher, brother, sister, grandparent, aunty, uncle, classmate, buddy or friend. These people can help students or read the book to them.

All online data entries close on Friday, 9 September. This closing date is non-negotiable as online entry of texts finish at this time. 

It will assist Judy Garner greatly if students can complete their online component by Friday, 2 September, giving her lots of time to finalise all online data by the following Friday.

The Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge website is very helpful with information, rules, key dates and frequently asked questions.

Staff and especially Judy Garner are always keen to chat with students about the books they’ve read. 

Happy reading!