Children at Ivanhoe East PS are provided with a wide range of extracurricular activities to broaden and enrich their school experience. For many years, the school has run programs catering for those students with interests in the areas of visual arts, literature, music, performance, languages, philanthropy, chess, sports and fitness. Some of these programs are run in house and are free to join, others are provided by experts external to the school and may have a cost. Either way, all of our programs are highly engaging and are a great way for students to meet other like-minded children and for parents to get to know one another.

IEPS 045

New ideas for lunchtime clubs and extra curricular activities are always welcome. In fact, most of the programs already in place begun with an idea from many of our parent volunteers or staff and have come to fruition through their hard work. If you have any suggestions for a new club or activity, please get in touch with your classroom teacher who will in turn give you the details of the best person to contact in order to get your ideas off the ground. Your involvement in the school, even in the smallest way, can add enormous value to the spirit and sense of community we endeavour to foster.