Our school has a vibrant and enthusiastic Principal's Advisory Group is made up of girl and boy representatives elected from each Year 4 - 6 class.

Members meet regularly with teachers and the principal to discuss issues of importance to the children of our school. We also identify and build on the potential of each member as a leader at Ivanhoe East Primary School.

Members report back from their grade on suggestions and issues which have been raised by their peers. These items are then discussed as a group and appropriate action is taken by the representatives.

Traditionally, some of the jobs undertaken by the members of the PAG have been:

  • selecting rides for the bi-annual School Fair
  • presenting at Assembly about the new menu at the Canteen
  • choosing new and fun tunes for the line-up music

Being part of the Principal's Advisory Group is an honour for those elected as they are chosen by, and representative of, their classmates.