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21 Dec 2018
Term 4 ends

"Ivanhoe East Primary School strives to provide a safe, inspirational and challenging educational environment that encourages each student to achieve their potential and look confidently to the future as articulate, curious and responsible life-long learners.

Ivanhoe East Primary is and will continue to be an exemplar of public education supported by an informed, connected and positive community.

It will continue to be a vibrant learning environment that nurtures partnerships and diversity, originality, reinforces shared community values and strives for excellence in all endeavours."


Term 3 has been an enjoyable term for the Year 1s! In 1S we have learnt so many things about time, fractions and problem solving in maths. Our unit on the olden days was very interesting and we learnt about olden day school, teachers and toys. Also our writing has become so much more descriptive since we learnt about adjectives and adverbs.

Here is an example of Charlotte's descriptive writing about a spooky haunted house:

It was a gloomy afternoon. I saw a scary dog on the path behind me. He was chasing me. Suddenly I went the wrong way. Then I saw the spooky house. I screamed so loud that I woke the ghost.

It was the oldest house I had ever seen. The gate was so rusty. The whole house was uncared for. I had never seen that terrifying house. The house had a dark, dark door.

The weather was misty. Hail was coming from the clouds. Then it started to rain. The lightning made a big clap. The fog was so thick and the rain was so heavy I could hardly see anything.

When I opened the door I saw a picture with glowing red eyes that moved. I felt I was being watched. I could hear the windows opening and closing. I tiptoed up the staircase and then I saw a velvet red curtain. I opened the curtain and I saw a wooden cupboard. 

I opened the cupboard and I found a robot. It chased me out of the house and right into my own house.

The spooky house was never to be seen again.


And this is what Will Garwoli wrote as his story starter:

One stormy day after school, I was waiting for my mum to pick me up when Halloween started.

I went with my two sisters until I went to get lollies from a house. But I got lost and I found a haunted looking house.

I felt scared because I couldn’t see around myself because it was foggy. Someone’s hand touched me on the shoulder. I’m not sure if it was a zombie. Also I could hear a howling sound, it came from inside.

Also I felt cold. It was starting to rain. It got heavier and heavier and I felt bold. It felt like it was an abandoned house.


We had so much fun when Mrs Sargood, an olden day teacher from the 18th century, came to visit us to teach us how to use ink and a quill for our writing. It was much messier and trickier than we thought! Here are some pictures: 

IMG 0721   IMG 0722

IMG 0723   IMG 0724

IMG 0725   IMG 0726   

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