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21 Dec 2018
Term 4 ends

"Ivanhoe East Primary School strives to provide a safe, inspirational and challenging educational environment that encourages each student to achieve their potential and look confidently to the future as articulate, curious and responsible life-long learners.

Ivanhoe East Primary is and will continue to be an exemplar of public education supported by an informed, connected and positive community.

It will continue to be a vibrant learning environment that nurtures partnerships and diversity, originality, reinforces shared community values and strives for excellence in all endeavours."


Year Three Immigration Museum Excursion

On Tuesday the 18th of October, 3L and 3E went to the immigration museum. Firstly, we had our recess, and saw this fountain with all these names on it. There were probably hundreds upon hundreds of names embedded on the jet black memorial stone. It was surrounded by a lush green garden and walls with yet more names up for display. After we finished our snack and our observation of the glorious fountain and the magnificent garden, we started to explore the museum with a lady who told us about two migrants, one in the 19th century and one in the 20th century. The two cunning newcomers were two ladies called Cuc Lam, who had a tough time in Vietnam because her country had turned into a dangerous battlefield, so she escaped and became a refugee, and there was Rebecca Greaves who wrote an ancient letter in cursive writing to her uncle about her migration to Victoria, and two years later some of her brothers tried their luck at the goldfields, but alas, no such chance.

After the interesting introduction by Ms. Deacon, we were led into the upstairs section where the main rooms showed gobsmacking facts about Australia’s migration history matched with a colour so it was easy to talk about the correct room.

The green room contained tonnes of items that migrants brought with them to Australia, all stored behind protective glass cases.

The blue room contained a replica of the hull of a ship where people slept while coming to Australia by boat. Interestingly, there was a third class and a second class, but no first class!

The yellow room was all about advertisement that advertised migrating to Australia. There was even a room where an interview on TV was being played about a family that moved to Australia.

In the pink room, there was fake food on an antique wooden table with glass atop to assure robbery was far-fetched.

In the final room, the red room, there was a clip about why people move to Australia:

  • Disaster
  • A better life
  • Freedom

After we finished gazing at the rooms filled with incredible migration history, we strode back outside and up onto the footpath. There, the bus was waiting. It had been an adventurous, but at the same time, relaxing, day. On the bus we reflected on what an exciting day we had at the immigration museum.

By Cato, Oliver, Josh, Kosta and Julian

Immigration Museum 1 of 8 5   Immigration Museum 1 of 8 2

Our Trip to the Immigration Museum

It was a beautiful day and the sun was up when the year threes went to the Immigration Museum. We were all very excited when we arrived. We had a warm welcome by the staff. As we were lead through the old brick hallway we entered a room with interesting objects. We quietly listened as she told us two stories. As she was telling the stories she got people to come up and act as the people in the stories.

Then Mr Lamers sorted us into groups and we went to the second part of the adventure. There were four groups and each person had a little suitcase with questions to answer one by one. One of the rooms were a room with a model boat. It had bedrooms that people used to sleep in. We hopped into the bunks and felt them but they weren’t very comfortable. Next we went to the second part of the boat where there was what looked like a glorious dining area with a menu pinned to the wall. As we went to 4 other rooms we answered all the questions. Finally, it was time to go. It was a long trip back and most kids were tired but I know I still loved it!!!! 

By Juliet, Jacqueline, Jack and Aprile 

Immigration Museum 1 of 8   Immigration Museum 1 of 8 6

The Immigration Museum

It was a beautiful and sunny morning when a filter of excitement blew in the classroom - we were going to the Immigration Museum. After our ride on the bus we went inside. 

A nice lady called Pat greeted us with a warm smile. Pat took us into an education room. On the screen we saw the heading “pack your bags”. She told us about the migration stories of two people and we got to dress-up like them. When we got out of the room we thanked Pat as she gave us a small suitcase. Then we split up into groups and went into the rooms of the museum. Each of the rooms had a piece of paper to fill out in the room. My favourite room was the room that had the film of why people migrated from another country to the other. Eventually we got through all of the rooms. It was quite fun and tiring in the end.

So we went back on the bus to get back to school. On the bus I thought to myself what I had learnt and in the end it was just a nice and lovely day. When we got back it was about 2.30. It was a brilliant experience going to the Immigration Museum and I can’t wait to go again! In the future of course. 

By Victoria and Hannah G

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